Efim Ravdel

The first rector of VKHUTEMAS. 1920-1923

Yefim Ravdel was born into a bourgeois family. In 1914 he was a free-listener of the sculptural department of Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, from 1915 – on military service. In 1918 – artist-decorator of the Penza Theater of the Council of Workers, Soldiers and Peasants’ Deputies “Prosveshchenie” (Enlightenment), designed ten performances: “Kashirskaya side”, “Without a Dowry”, etc. In April 1918, he became head of the Arts Department of Penza City Council, in this position he began to work actively…

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Vladimir Favorsky

The second rector of VKHUTEMAS. 1923-1926

Many researchers of VKHUTEMAS have the opinion that its heyday began with the arrival of Favorsky as rector. Of all three VKHUTEMAS rectors Favorsky stands out as a creative figure: a brilliant artist, an outstanding art theorist and a talented teacher, he enjoyed great authority among professors and students. Favorsky was born in Moscow in 1886, in the family of a lawyer


Pavel Novicky

The third rector of VKHUTHEMAS. 1926

At the beginning of May 1926 a new rector Pavel Ivanovich Novitsky appeared in  VKHUTEMAS. He was an energetic man, critic and sociologist. Unlike V. Favorsky, he was free from narrow-shell preferences and had no clearly defined artistic concepts of form creation. He appeared in Moscow shortly before his appointment as rector of  VKHUTEMAS: after the end of the civil war, he was head of the Narobraz department in the Council of People’s Commissars for Education of the Crimean ASSR…

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